Exterior Home Painting: Why They Say Fall Is the Best Time

Are you wanting to have your home’s exterior painted, but wondering when you should do it? Most painting experts like Rutgers Painting will tell you that fall is the perfect time to start a home painting project. Since the weather has to cooperate to do a thorough paint job, the extremes of summer and winter present a host of issues that can affect the quality.

Here’s a look at all of the benefits that painting the exterior of your home provides in the fall.

Cool Temperatures 

The weather in the fall is ideal for exterior painting. The cool air doesn’t affect the quality of the paint, and it’s easier on the painters as the summer sun isn’t beating down on them.

Extreme temperatures can also be hard on paint and can result in an uneven finish. The stable temperatures of fall are more conducive to a flawless finish and easier working conditions.

Less Chance for Rain 

It can rain in any season, but the fall months are usually less rainy than other seasons.

Moisture can ruin a paint project, making it difficult for the paint to bond and dry. Rain can also interrupt your paint schedule, leading to delays and wasted time.

Choosing to hire exterior home painters in the fall brings milder temperatures and less rain to contend with.

Avoid Moisture and Humidity

Moisture is another important consideration when it comes to any painting project. Whether your painting project is inside or outside, the paint has to dry and bond properly to the surface.

Humidity can affect how paint adheres and can shorten the paint’s longevity as well. As summer changes to fall, the humidity in the air dissipates, allowing the paint to have a more even finish and dry faster.

Painting during the fall season can enhance the durability and life of your paint project.

Spruce Up for the Holidays

The winter months are hectic with the holidays, parties, and family gatherings. You want your home to look its best for the holiday season.

Painting in early fall gives you plenty of time to prepare your home and spruce up your curb appeal. You can have everything finished so you can enjoy the season.

When hiring a professional painting company, try to schedule your project for early fall, so you can have the job finished before the holiday festivities begin.

Key Takeaways:

  • The weather in the fall is ideal for exterior painting as the cool temperature doesn’t affect the quality of the paint.
  • Avoid rain delays more easily in the fall than compared in other seasons.
  • Spruce up your home in time for the holidays!

Hire the Best Exterior Home Painters

A new paint job can brighten your home and add serious curb appeal. If you’re searching for the best exterior home painters for your home, we’d love to talk to you about your painting needs. For 30 years, Rutgers Painting has used specialized techniques and the finest paints for our home and business projects. Contact Rutgers Painting today to schedule a free consultation!