Historic Home Renovation FAQs

You probably chose a historic home because it offers unique features with oodles of character and charm. However, part of owning a historical home means needing to care for it so it can maintain its beauty. That’s where Rutgers Painting comes in! Our experts help you keep your historic home in the best shape by providing our exterior and interior painting and carpentry services. Read on to learn more!

Q: What Is a Historic Home?

A: Any home deemed historic or architecturally significant by the National Registry of Historic Places is considered a historic home. Here are some of the specific criteria to meet for your home to be recognized:

  • Exemplify a signature architectural style
  • Capture the essence of a given time period
  • Associated with a famous person from the past

Owning a historic home is a lot of responsibility, so be sure you’re ready to work with professionals to preserve its history.

Q: What Is Historical Home Rehab?

A: A historical home rehab is the process of renovating for improvements to make it more functional for modern-day living while remaining authentic to the home’s original architectural style. 

It’s imperative to hire a professional like Rutgers Painting when fixing a historical home whether it be the exterior facade or an interior room. Our team will help you carefully research the home’s history, understand what materials and details are needed to maintain authenticity, and extend its life while making the updates and improvements that are important to you.

Q: What Needs to be Considered When Restoring a Historical Home?

A: When restoring a historic home, some things need to be considered:

  • The Home’s History
  • The Design and Craftsmanship of the Structure
  • Stay True to the Period and Materials Used

Many renovations also involve historic home painting. This not only protects the exterior of the property from the environmental elements and unwanted pests but can also give it an authentic historic appearance. This is a quality way to maintain the integrity of a home. 

Q: What Are Our Historic Home Renovation Services?

A: At Rutgers Painting, we take pride in preserving the history of older homes. Our services include:

Sometimes, historical homes are required to have the same detailing and moldings as they did before, and at Rutgers Painting, we’re capable of recreating them for you. 

Q: How Do We Inspect a Historical Home?

A: When inspecting a historic home you want someone who specializes in and appreciates the unique features. At Rutgers Painting, our experts check the electrical, foundation, roof, HVAC, and plumbing. We also look for mold.

Key Takeaways:

  • A historic home needs to exemplify a signature architectural style, capture the essence of a time period, or be associated with a famous person from the past to be recognized as historic.
  • The team at Rutgers Painting will help you carefully research the home’s history, and understand what materials need to be used to maintain authenticity and integrity.
  • Rutgers Painting is capable of recreating moldings and trims with the exact detailing they had before.

Give Your Historic Home the Care It Deserves

When you take on a historical home, you become its current caretaker. You want to do your part to ensure it has a long life ahead. At Rutgers Painting, we cherish the experience of preserving the history of an older home. Contact us today so we can be start your historic home renovation and be apart of your home’s life.