When it comes to choosing the right company to give your home some TLC look no further, Rutgers Painting is dedicated to offering the highest quality craftsmanship, providing you with exceptional end results.

Rutgers knowledge in Victorian architecture and its elaborate and decorative exterior carpentry details makes the process of updating your home easy. Here are some of the common exterior carpentry elements found on Victorian homes:

  • Bay windows: These are protruding windows that extend outward from the exterior wall, often featuring a curved or polygonal shape. They are typically found on the first floor and are adorned with decorative trim and molding.
  • Gables: These are triangular shaped portions of the exterior wall that typically extend from the roofline. They can be decorated with intricate woodwork, including ornamental brackets, fretwork, and gingerbread detailing.
  • Verandas and porches: Victorian homes often feature large wraparound verandas or porches with intricate railings, spindles, and brackets. These outdoor spaces are often designed to be a social gathering
  • Ornamental brackets: These are decorative wooden pieces that are used to support overhanging eaves, balconies, and porches. They are often intricately carved and can feature a variety of shapes and patterns.
  • Decorative trim and molding: Victorian homes often feature decorative trim and molding around doors, windows, and rooflines. These details can include dentil molding, scalloped trim, and elaborate cornices.

Overall, Victorian architecture is known for its ornate and detailed exterior carpentry work. The style often features a combination of different elements that come together to create a visually stunning and cohesive design

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